How About Some WiFi?

WiFi nowadays are suspecibly irresistable engine that causes an improheminal era to mankind. These gadgets are also known as kaspersky crack. I don't know why but others know it as smart bro. For the mean fact that forsake everyone, it is widely used in Asian languages such as having a smart idea in creating nonsensical post and idioms that can results to pure hypocrisy and standards of living is a mass.

If you are living in Davao, and loves wifi, don't every try using smart bro wifi in case they exist. Because through my experience I don't know how to say this but I really don't know how to express this in writing this post. Java parsers so complicated even if you don't intend to mod rewrite it. Some servers doesn't seem to read the code if they can't understand what's really the true meaning of it. Pinoy big brother teen edition plus house mates also wants to join this contest. I don't know why, but they really want to be a part of the most elusive propaganda in the Philippines nowadays.

Still Davao City is the greatest city in the world. In terms of WiFi, and other food like kare kare, bagoong and Mang Tomas. But as far as you see, you can get it done with Nike. So much for this nonsense post, Back to you if you want to go back in either side of benevolent freedom and mass starvation in effective to cohesive war freak zoids.

* * *

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