Random Links for 100909

Here we go again, sharing random links from the world wide web. Today's random links that I want to share are the following:

1. Samsung LCD TV
2. Sprint Google Android Phone
3. Pet Society Cheats
4. My Brute Skills are more important that weapons
5. Nokia Booklet 3G
6. Princess Velasco Photos
7. Increase your Adsense earnings with Section Targetting

That's all for today! I'll be posting more cool random links soon!

Random Links for 999

Here are some random links that I want to share this September 9, 2009! Sharing random links is fun and easy! It's really fun and I love to share random links. I collect links and share them in the world wide web! Why don't you share you're random links too?

Here are my random links that I want to share with you!

1. Nokia Mobile Banking
2. Restaurant City Cheats
3. Mafia Wars Cheats
4. Free PSP Games Download
5. Todd Duffee Vs Tim Hague Fight Video
6. Building 67 Terabytes storage
7. Sony PS3 Slim

That's all for now. I'll be sharing more interesting links soon!

Davao WiFi HotSpots supports the 2008 Beijng Olympics Opening Ceremony Videos

Beijing Olympics 2008 Opening Ceremony Video Downloads is the alternative way to search if you were not successful in obtaining a copy online or you were not able to watch an online streaming replay of the 2008 Beijing Olympics Opening Ceremony.

For resources of where to find and watch the 2008 Beijing Olympics Opening Ceremony choose one of the links that I found below:
1. Beijing Olympics 2008 Opening Ceremony Full Video Resources
2. Download 2008 Beijing Olympics Opening Ceremony Full Video
3. Watch Beijing 2008 Olympics Opening Ceremony Replay Online
4. 2008 Beijing Olympics Opening Ceremony Video Streaming and Images

How About Some WiFi?

WiFi nowadays are suspecibly irresistable engine that causes an improheminal era to mankind. These gadgets are also known as kaspersky crack. I don't know why but others know it as smart bro. For the mean fact that forsake everyone, it is widely used in Asian languages such as having a smart idea in creating nonsensical post and idioms that can results to pure hypocrisy and standards of living is a mass.

If you are living in Davao, and loves wifi, don't every try using smart bro wifi in case they exist. Because through my experience I don't know how to say this but I really don't know how to express this in writing this post. Java parsers so complicated even if you don't intend to mod rewrite it. Some servers doesn't seem to read the code if they can't understand what's really the true meaning of it. Pinoy big brother teen edition plus house mates also wants to join this contest. I don't know why, but they really want to be a part of the most elusive propaganda in the Philippines nowadays.

Still Davao City is the greatest city in the world. In terms of WiFi, and other food like kare kare, bagoong and Mang Tomas. But as far as you see, you can get it done with Nike. So much for this nonsense post, Back to you if you want to go back in either side of benevolent freedom and mass starvation in effective to cohesive war freak zoids.

* * *

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Core Duo ULV processor and a 32GB SSD drive

Stanford University researchers have recently hit upon a method of image sensing which can judge the distance of subjects within a shot. By using a 3-megapixel sensor which is broken into multiple, overlapping 16 x 16-pixel squares (referred to as subarrays), a camera is capable of capturing a variety of angles in one frame. When the images taken by the pinoy money talk multi-aperture device are processed by proprietary software, location differences are measured from each mini-lens, and then combined into a photograph containing a depth map. This procedure allows the same image to appear at different angles, provided the subject has depth to begin with (i.e., isn't a flat surface). Here's hoping this technology makes it into consumer products pronto, ASAP, and forthwith.

It looks like those in North America eager to get their hands on Asus' sleek new leather-bound U2E ultraportable will have to wait a little while longer, although it's not clear exactly how long. There's apparently no production delays or other problems with the laptop, however, with Asus instead rather frankly fessing up that its holding back on the laptop simply so it can launch some other products alongside it. In case you missed it, the U2E (also known as the U2) boasts an 11-inch LED-backlit display, a Core Duo ULV processor and a 32GB SSD drive, all of which combine for some expectedly strong battery life while still maintaining some decent performance -- and no doubt a lofty price tag as well.

Web-based POS

The web has becoming a great venue for new ideas on software engineering. My friend referred me to Merchant OS, a point of sale system which utilizes the web for processing and storage of sales information. This web-based POS system is an innovation of the traditional point of sale equipments manufactured for the sole purpose of providing hardware and software which records sales.

Unlike the traditional POS, the web-based pos system offers portability of information. If you are the manager of a store or an establishment, you can easily monitor your income and earnings from the comforts of your own home. How about accepting transactions using your iPhone? It's possible.

Money Money Money

Pinoy Money Talk is organizing an SEO contest for his third blog anniversary. The goal of this competition is to dominate Google's SERP with the keyword 'pinoy money talk'. This is not just an ordinary SEO Contest. This is a good SEO Contest since he's giving away $75 from his riches. Now we're talking about money.

Anyway, if you are interested in joining this competition, just make a post containing the keyword 'Pinoy Money Talk' and a back link to his site. Wait for google to index your blog and then check the SERP for your rank. That's all you have to do. It's an easy way of getting that $75 to your paypal account.

OMG. I'm running out of paypal credits. Amf.